Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2005 in Review

So... I'm cheating and backdating to January where we spent our New Years together... Colorado Springs, CO. Such a beautiful, outdoorsy trip filled with crisp clean air, white snow, puppy Osa love, and happy European touches with Erich's Swiss aunt and German uncle. Highlights of that trip would have to be our hike up to Barr camp (the halfway point to Pike's Peak), Garden of the Gods, sparklers on the Christmas tree, drinking warm spiced wine (sorry, I don't remember the true name), Singing along with the Sound of Music, and reading (during our 24 hour drive home) how apple cider vinegar could solve all of our natural ailments. This was wonderful bonding time with family and our beloved doggy. She (Osa) was in her true element in the snow and suffered from a little post trip withdrawal from the snow when we returned home. We have great memories from this trip and look forward to returning! Thank you so much family for hosting us and treating us so well.