Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Notes from the not-so-good-blogger

These days.... what can I say about these busy days? I know, they are only going to get busier!
There has been massive unfolding in our life as of late. Erich found out on his birthday his acceptance as pre-k teacher at Milam Elementary. We are so greatful! It was perfect timing. Erich finished the work on our bathrooms, and he hasn't  stopped since. 
My position has changed this year as I am working as a special educator for my bilingual pre-k kiddos. Last year I worked a dual role- bilingual general and sped teacher. Thank God for the change! I have 5 kids, compared with 40 from last year. This new position actually means less paper work and  less pressure, which is what I wanted for a year when we will bring our little girl into the world. All of the students I have this year were with me last year. They have quickly learned their new routine and I can't complain at all about my great school situation. Even though toilet training and diaper changing are both a big part of my day, we have this amazing invention called "steps up to the changing table". This alleviates all picking up and heavy lifting. My children have quickly mastered the art of getting themselves up and down the steps and I havn't had to deal with any big melt downs.  
Erich is really enjoying his classroom full (22! kids from 7:30-1:45pm). He has a new t.a., so they are learning together. I would like to think of myself as his best mentor (I think he would agree) and he is very open to any and all suggestions (which I have been heavily giving). He is a quick learner and his kids adore him (I can tell by the way he describes their affection and excitement). I am so very proud of him!!!! It is crazy that we are doing such similar jobs, but we enjoy the shared understanding of the 4/5 year old psyche. 
Updates on the belly and baby:
I feel Eva kick all the time! Soft kicks, roll overs, swim kicks, downward kicks, side kicks.
With the exception of one very restless night this past weekend, I have been sleeping very well for the most part. I am so greatful for my body pillow, biopedic memory foam mattress topper, and a gracious husband who doesn't say anything when I toss and turn throughout the night and get out of bed for potty pressure relief. 
Work has been very manageable and I have yet to take a nap after a full day's work. The weekends are bliss and so much the sweeter after a weekful of work. As far as eating goes....
 I have found new ways to pack in the healthy fats so that I don't have to eat as many meals throughout the day. My new favorite breakfast would be either an "egg in the basket" or a fresh fruit smoothie with a Tb of flaxseed oil. For lunch I have at least a Tb of almond butter with carrots and tomato soup. For dinner it varies. I am feeling rather large, especially at night or when I am trying to roll myself out of bed! But... I just can't make it without those extra calories. I am at least trying to be healthy about my consumption. I hope the rest of the weight I put on is "pure baby"! 

These upcoming weekends are so very exciting with lots of showers!!! These are like back to back birthday parties!!! I love opening presents and am so glad I get to do it for my little one. I guess Eva is hearing 1/2 Spanish 1/2 English throughout the day. She may come out bilingual... but no pressure on my little one : )
I know so many people say "enjoy every moment of being pregnant..." etc etc. I hope that I am, but I am looking at non-pregnant "normal sized people" and looking forward to having a body that doesn't have a basketball sized uterus attached to it. Is that so wrong? It's hard to believe I am only going to get bigger!!! before I get smaller. It is (of course) so very worth it, but it is a definite new experience that brings with it some roller-coaster hormones at times.
This is very ramblish... but I just want to capture a bit of the essence as of late. Things are busy, but great. We have so much to be greatful for and to look forward to. Now... if we could start on Eva's room.....
Here are pics of our new baños, pics of the beautiful quilts I received from my Grandpa (made by the Grandmas), and the not-yet-done baby room

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Hi" from baby Eva

Here's our little one, doing the breast stroke in mama's belly. Erich and I are already convinced she's a swimmer.... : )
This is week 22 and I'm feeling great! I am finally in the full swing of my summer vacation and loving the lazy days of visiting friends, cooking, reading, floating the pool, cleaning closets, washing windows, cleaning door handles....I guess the last 3 aren't considered lazy recreation, but having the liberty to do those things when I want with however many interruptions I allow is very liberating! I also indulge myself in sitting in the baby room and pulling a random baby shoe, hat, diaper, or whatever other small item I feel like "misplacing" around my house only to then return the baby item at the end of the day to it's rightful spot. I can't help but smile everytime I put something of Eva's out in the open as that gentle reminder of what life will be like when she arrives on the scene in a few months. Erich and I went to my OBgyn yesterday for another healthy report. We praise God for health and good reports.
The latest on being pregnant:
Food Scenario: I am back to my normal self! Eating all the varieties, spice (on non-heartburn days), ethnicities, and funky food creations to my hearts content. I love plain yogurt, cream cheese, and sour cream... must be the calcium. Yogurt and fresh fruit are my favorite snacks, along with adding a peppermint to my blended chocolate vitamin shake. Yo-mama yogurt is delicious and I can't pass by any "comfort food"  ie egg quiche, meatloaf, oatmeal cookies, and the like. 
Recreational Activities: visiting friends, going on walks, playing with friend's children, pool excercises (they usually only last about 10 minutes before I give in to just floating the pool...), and I really need to get back into my prenatal yoga!!!
Birthing Options: I am learning more about creating a birthing plan (with room for flexibility and reason). I of course want to try for the most natural delivery of the baby in the hospital. I have a great friend Leigh who will be teaching me more about hypnobirthing and  breathing/relaxation techniques that I will soon need to start practicing. Hypnobirthing is really just about keeping mama relaxed and focused on breathing/pushing at the right time. I won't be in some hypnotic state, but hopefully a more relaxed state for ease during the process. But, with all this said.... you never know!!! Or at least, I don't really know since it is my first!
Aches and pains: sharp ligament pain for the stretching uterus (these are pretty infrequent) and side aches from sleeping on my side all night (these usually force me to switch sleeping sides). I think I need to invest in one of those nice foam pads that go over your mattress.... anyone out there know what I am talking about?
Upcoming Projects: (before the school year begins)
1. re-do our guest and regular bathroom- new floor, paint, light fixtures, caulk tub, new sink in the guest bathroom, & a new shower door
2. Continuation of the closet-clean-out
3. Re-arranging the laundry room (with a possible paint job) and reconfiguring the storage situation
4. Adding more closed storage for the carport
5. Paint the baby room, assemble the crib
We shall see how much we will accomplish!!! I am loving all the cleaning-out. It is definitely giving me the nesting-fix I need. 

Thursday, July 03, 2008

'da bump

Alas, I post a picture of the ever-growing baby bump. This is me sporting some fabulous hand-me-down jeans, my neutral bella band and a non-maternity top. I am generally sticking to pure maternity clothing these days. I do use the bella band on occasion with some clothes I have been given that are a size bigger than my original size. These outfits are good for when your are feeling like your tummy is all too big and you need a little boost of feelin' good in your prego body. Life as a prenant mama is great thus far. I can't complain. I just finished (thank God!!!!!!!!) my last day of summer school with the most difficult bunch of children I have ever taught. I was very pleased with their impressive gains and used this as consolation (along with the great extra money I made) for all of my hard work. For the rest of the summer I plan to continue with our new wonderful tradition of floating in our above ground pool, while pleasure reading, and eating iced down cherries. This is the good life, pregnant style. I would recommend all husbands investing in a large floaty device with cool water and easy access for their in-the-summer pregnant wives. 

Back to my changing body:
1. I am most comfortable sleeping with a ginormous body pillow at night (it's like adding another person in the bed)
2. I gain about 5 pounds in water weight and bloat by the end of each day and then lose it by the morning.
3. I usually change outfits in the middle of the day to accommodate the water retention and bloat.
4. I usually receive more extreme reactions to my bump 
"I couldn't even tell you were pregnant" and then
"wow, you are going to be really big!"
Of course, I prefer the in-between of "how cute, when are you due?" Many people's responses are dependent on the time of the day in which they are exposed to the bump. Either way, I guess I don't really mind the attention : )
5. I am currently at 5 months!!!!!!!!! 21 weeks and feeling great! This is the most important factor and the one for which I am most greatful.  I will take a large bump any day if it means our little baby is healthy and it is an added blessing to feel well myself.

**For those of you who frequently blog and check up on me regularly (I love you dearly) I am hoping to be more consistent in my blogging in the upcoming months. I was a little reticent to post pics b/c I have people that had not seen me pregnant yet, and I can't help but love the shock factor.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here's a brief recap of the past few weeks:
Latest Craving-Hebrew national hotdogs (with all the works) and Jalepeño chips.... (I know, I'm sure that's terrible pregnant food!)
Latest bad habit-checking my facebook (Erich started a page for me)
Latest good habit-prenatal yoga
Clothing scenario-I can fit into pants that were a little big on me before I got pregnant, but I don't feel comfortable in my regular shirts. The tightness will be cuter the farther along I am, I'm convinced. For now, I am trying to stick with what fits without any clothing sticking to my skin. I am wearing maternity, or larger shirts and lots of skirts and bigger pants. I can already tell that within the next few weeks, I will be destined to start wearing those maternity pants. I just can't stand any tightness around my belly. Alas, a quickly changing body is a strange thing.
Today I'm off to some resale shops to find some clothes that will be those in-between clothes (for times like now and after the baby is born). I hope after the baby is born I am not stuck wearing in-between clothes for very long!! I am also on the search for interesting material to create a "money tree" for a friend of mine who is getting married next weekend. I will post pictures of my budding tummy very soon.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pics of the guess what!?

Pic #1- Baby full body with umbilical chord showing
Pic #2- Baby in teddy bear form with heart beat
Pic #3- Baby waving with it's little fingers. "Hi Baby"
Ok, so the quality is pretty hard to distinguish, but you get the idea!!!!!!! Yeah! Mi bebé

Monday, May 05, 2008

Let me hear your grito!!!

Feliz 5 de mayo todos!
The past week has been jam packed with exciting things. Erich and I celebrated with our Carver kids to hours of dancing (Asereje, Los Machetes, La Raspa, etc...). Thursday we had a most exciting venture for our first pregnancy appointment. We got our first sonogram and heard the heartbeat! Words can't express how exciting it was to see our little baby kicking and waving it's arms around. The baby looks like a little teddy bear and has a healthy heartbeat. The doctor (whom I really like) says everything looks great so far and we couldn't be happier. I am entering my 12 week and feeling really great these days. 
Erich and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Saturday. We began our day with a little 1 year old fiesta with our baby cousin Sophie, then took a long walk at lake Bryan, and ended our day at a delicious semi-fancy resturaunt where I initially thought I was going to have an over-emotional pregnancy meltdown when I saw the menu, but I fortunately pulled myself together. It is so strange how pre-pregnancy everything on the menu would have sounded amazing to me. Being pregnant does strange things to you though. I thought I was going to throw up reading about wilted spinach and tuna steaks, stuffed salmon, and mint jelly sauce for lamb! Thankfully Erich helped me pick the most tame thing on the menu and it was so very delicious. The evening ended up wonderfully, but I definitely had Erich stressing for a bit there (poor guy).
Today I said goodbye to my third and uniquely splendid student teacher. She made a wonderful vase for me and adorned it with my favorite color of flowers. Our classroom will miss Ms.Singer very much! Thankfully the end of the year is in sight- only 18 more instructional days before my brief weekend break to return for the strenuous month of summer school.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mucho, Mucho, Mucho Mejor

Thanks everyone out there for your love and support through the icky days of ugh...
Mama, thanks so much for the visit and the trip to Motherhood for some great maternity wear!!! Today I wore my first maternity blouse (not necessarily b/c I needed to, but because it was the color I needed and it looked so comfortable).
FYI world and for my future reference...
Things that brought me ease and comfort the past week:
1. candied ginger
2. preggy pops
3. chamomile tea mixed with a drop of peppermint oil
4. Long walks outside
5. Working to stay distracted
6. Crackers by the bedside (old faithful)

1. Lying on my left side
2. Eating only plain food- no flavor, no spice
3. Repeating all of the Nausea steps

The Runs (hey, there is a lot out there on the internet about pregnant women and the runs..... and in case you want my suggestions...)
1. B.R.A.T. DIET!!! (need I say more) Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast (repeat this cycle until you can't go to the bathroom)
2. Fenugreek tablets (a natural remedy) 2x a day when needed
3. Force-drink water
4. Have movies handy so you don't have to go anywhere, but stay in the comfort of your home and close proximity to your own toilet

I am so glad to reflect on these tips as already a thing of the past. I know that I may still have some days in the near future in which I will need to reflect back on my remedies, but for now I am gloating in the fact that I just ate a bowl of ice cream after eating a hamburger and fries for lunch! I am trying to stick with chicken and salad in the evening, as I have most bloating and heartburn in the evening. What I find funny is my complete aversion to my normally wildly epicurean cravings.... no more thai (ugh), no more spice (just not worth it), and no more other weird concoctions I used to make on a regular basis. For now, it is more of a good 'ol American diet: hamburgers, spagetti, salad, roasted chicken, brisket, vanilla ice cream, and fruity pebbles cereal. I guess this is a part of that whole not eating what you used to crave pre-pregnancy.

Highlights of my week, amidst the ugh:
1. mama's visit
2. tia's first baby gift
3. working with my hubby at Carver
4. seeing Bradley before his gig
5. being able to clean my house

Tomorrow it's our debut on the Spanish radio station. Carver teachers work their best to promote the upcoming school year registration while singing songs and talking nonsense...
It's always akwardly fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All's well until Friday

This week was a break from the constant nausea. Erich and I formed a great new physical activity together: walking the edge of our local lake Bryan. The fresh air has done wonders for me and the weather is just glorious right now. With more organization and more energy we avoided eating out this week and I felt relieved to be able to cook.
Friday morning I awoke with terrible nausea and stomach pain. I threw up and the problems have not yet subsided. I have more of a feeling I have a stomach bug, than the normal pregnancy nausea. There are lots of stomach viruses going around my school and I just can't keep much of anything in me. So... for now I am sticking to saltines and bananas....
I can't wait for this to pass!! 
In two weeks Erich and I will have our first appointment (finally!) I am really so eager to find out all that we are able to find out. Erich has the youth boy's campout next weekend and my mama comes to visit me this Monday and Tuesday. I am hoping for good health and less volatility of emotions, energy, and nausea. 
So far I have received comments and opinions from both sides of the spectrum...
"You are going to just have a little ball that is going to pooch out, you are so small."
and the other (and unfortunately more frequently received as of late)
"Wow, you are only____ weeks? You are already showing so much. You are going to get so big!"

I am feeling rather on the too-big side, yet not to the point where I am going to eat less or do something crazy like that! I guess I will figure it out as time goes on...
I can't fit into my size 4 and 5's any more-that's for sure! : ( 
I have been accomodating my pudge with all the stretchy material I have (which is very limited in selection). Gauchos have been a life-saver and I am greatful for the warmer weather so I can wear skirts. I have a feeling I will be in my maternity wear before too long!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just can't contain it anymore!!!!

Alas, what I have been avoiding and trying to superficially cover-up by lesser stories...
Erich and I are pregnant!!!!- I mean it was a joint effort. I, however am the bearer of nausea, an ever growing pudge, moodiness, and a growing sense of unrealistic perfectionism!! This is not to complain about my current state, but to give in the truest sense what changes I am undergoing. For those of you madres out there that have experienced your own seasons of pregnancy, I'm sure you can relate. It's been blissful sharing news and being greeted with smiles and assurances of "you will be a great mama"....
For now, I am not so focused on the being a great mama part as I am what I can eat this very moment that will soothe the nausea, not cause me to instantly put on another 5 pounds, and hold me over for more than one hour! : )
It's funny, two weeks ago it was spinach salad. It was all I could do to get enough of that green stuff in me. I spent last Sunday in a grand effort to have my most favorite Spinach salad prepped and ready to be enjoyed the entire week at school, (homemade catalina dressing, hardboiled eggs, fresh cooked bacon, sprouts, and mandarin oranges aglow) only to be met with a growing nasua and complete aversion for spinach come Monday morning. Just the thought of it now makes my stomach churn.....
Ah friends, I want to embrace each day of this growing life within me. I believe the baby is at 8 weeks and growing, the size of a lima bean (yuk!) and all the other stuff making my little nesting spot the size of a grapefruit. At about 6:00 pm in the evening, you would think I have a small child inside me (the size of a melon!). Bloating and gas are my two friends that visit me every night and Erich is reaping all the benefits (poor guy!) I am greatful that the worst of my symptoms don't normally kick in until about 4:30, 5:00 pm (just in time for Erich to experience the best of me!), so that I am able to teach and maintain my quite stressful job during the day.
With all of this said, I am constantly praying for peace, grace, rest, and faith for the good things to come (as I know that there are many great and glorious moments ahead). I have yet to visit the doctor because she is booked until May 1st. I will keep you all informed of the ever-changing symptoms and signs of growing life.
Favorite foods this week:
1. Pickles (I know, I know such the traditional preggo food- but I can't get enough of the salty vinegary snacks!)
2. Trader Joe's bean dip (need I say more about gas and bloating at night?)
3. Hard boiled eggs (with a bite of pickle in between each egg bite)
4. cheese
5. Fried Food!!! (ahhh, help me- I crave this bad-for-you stuff! Especially fries)
6. Spagetti sauce (I was eating it cold out of the jar yesterday)
7. Orange juice
8. Fruit
9. candied ginger (well, I don't actually crave this, but I have been eating it to keep the nausea at bay)
10. candy, sweet stuff, vanilla ice cream (I'm going to the grocery store NOW to buy some!)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Joy comes in the mañana

A long overdue post...
yes, I have been over my blues since I wrote my last entry (not to say I havn't had my waves of emotion... but who hasn't?)
Here are a couple of pics from my super girl time with my madre y hermana en san antonio.
Our weekend was full with the works: makeovers at bare escentials, shopping at la cantera, lots of fattening delicious food, and disney movie watching (Cleveland style).
Here's one of Lisa getting her first eyebrow waxing...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Beatin' the blues....

Everyone gets the blues. Mine usually come for no particular reason, but (yes) they still come. Maybe it was as subtle as the blues song I played repetitively during our African American Heritage museum today creeping it's way into my mojo. Either way I am seeking the comforts of my childhood days when a simple "I have confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain, I have confidence that spring will come again, besides what you see, I have confidence in meeee!" from Maria VonTrapp would ease my worries and pain.
I just finished a great book for all you "foodies" out there: "Tender at the Bone" by Ruth Reichl
and I just made a "Beat the Blues" concoction to ease my troubled mind: (Sorry, it will be hard to repeat if you have no Trader Joe's nearby)
1 scoop Trader Joe's all natural Mint Mocha
1/4 cup hot water
lots of ice
1 cup organic milk
1 small scoop peppermint ice cream

dissolve the mint mocha in the hot water
drown in ice
mix in milk
scoop the pretty pink and white stuff on top
sit in a quiet room with a candle lit and drink slowly, savoring each chocolate-mint induced sip

Some people like to sulk in their blues and think up dark creative thoughts. Me, I can't help but get over my blues as quickly as they come because I think of all the fun and indulging things I could do to beat the blues....
Let me know if anyone out there needs any ideas for beating your blues.

Here is a picture of some of my children in dress-up clothes today
If you can't figure it out (from left to right): MLKjr, George Washington Carver, and Rosa Parks

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thank you Tia Susan and Robert!!!!

I have to thank my Tia Susan and Robert for the use of their time share in Sedona. Our trip was amazing and I appreciate so much the generosity of you both. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few more pictures...


Here we are atop "Chicken Point" on the Bell Tower trail in Sedona, AZ. This was a glorious hike: day 2 of our vacation. Climbing rocks is a thrilling and challenging feat.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time in Sedona and were sad to leave....
Other highlights of our vacation include:
1. Stocking up at Trader Joe's (we ate fresh fruit parfaits and cranberry orange scones with dark coffee to drink every morning)
2. Driving to the Grand Canyon (snow, ponderosa pine forest, ski mountain, and desert)
3. Arriving at the Grand Canyon (we walked the rim trail and could have spent the next two weeks exploring the Grand Canyon)
4. Sedona Weather (crisp, cool, and dry)
5. Day hikes around Sedona (Slide Rock trail, West Fork trail, Huckaby trail, Bell & Courthouse trail)
6. Eating at the local micro-brewery, the local bakery, and the vegetarian cafe (mmmmm!!!)
7. Perusing the Art Gallery's (for which there are so many of in Sedona) and shopping in uptown Sedona to purchase strings of beautiful beads
8. Side trip to Jerome
9. Our rental SUV
10. Time with my husband!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Everyone

Today I received 6 heart shaped chocolate boxes of candy and about 50 valentines from my little niños.
Hope everyone else out there got some luvin today!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On a brighter note

(for some reason I can't rotate this picture sent to me from my teacher friend Nancy)
*Here's Erich helping one of my students perform "Tu Ti Ta"... pulgares arriba (Thumbs up)
1. Erich substitues for me when I am sick!
2. Erich plans a surprise dinner for me (it had to be cancelled on account of my sickness, but the thought was super)
3. I receive wonderful birthday love, presents, and calls
4. I still look ok in the running pants I have been wearing the past 4 days
5. I managed to make tortilla soup in under 5 minutes in my pressure cooker this evening using the pressure cooker cookbook my hubby purchased me (and eat it without stomach problems)
6. I got to listen to wonderful music on my drive back to Bryan thanks to my madre
7. My medi-scale is being assembled as I type....
8. I get to sleep in my bed tonight
9. I get tomorrow off (because I'm still sick...)
10. I will finally finish my 40 report cards tomorrow (while sick in bed)

Ok, so number 9 & 10 are a bit cynical, but I am greatful for them both.
Oh, one more great thing! I just weighed myself on the new medi scale and I weigh less than I thought (probably due to the sickness of course, but still!)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

27 and not so much the better for it...

I am bringing in my 27th with the FLU. This must mean that things can only get better from here on out for me this year. I have never had the flu. The flu really sucks. Yesterday was the worst and today I'm feeling a bit more alive. I came home to San Antonio this weekend to spend some time with the family and go to "women of faith" with my mama.
However, I have spent the last 24 hours on the living room couch doing rotations of: reliv, medicine, bathroom, sleep, reliv, medicine, bathroom, sleep....
To make matters worse, I can't taste anything and I have the runs. So...visions of a delicious birthday meal and dessert have quickly vanished. Alas, although a bit down in the dumps, I have much to be greatful for and look forward to in this 27th year.
Here are the lyrics to a Phil Whickam song that are hitting the right chord with me this season in life.....

"Sailing on a ship"
A voice is on the wind
It calls me further in
I'm heading deeper into Your heart
Your mark is on my chest
My sails filled with your breath
You guide me by the light of the stars
I'm sailing on a ship that's bound for life
I wrestle with the wind against the tide
I leave it all behind to reach for more
I'm sailing on to your golden shore
Though skies go blue to grey
And I'm thrown from wave to wave
You still will hear these lungs singing hard
With every storm I face, I find a greater grace
That pulls me deeper into Your heart
I'm sailing on a ship that's bound for life
I wrestle with the wind against the tide
I leave it all behind to reach for more
I'm sailing on
To where the water's running sweet and bright
The sun is rising in the eastern sky
I leave it all behind to reach for more
I'm sailing on to your golden shore

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Day in the Life (sort of)

Two stories from today....
1. One part of being a special education teacher with pre-school level children include play-based assessments. These are exactly what they sound like- playing with kids to assess where they are: emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially.
In returning to Carver after a mid-day play based assessment I walked into my afternoon class to be welcomed with a generous, unanimous "Wimberly!!" coming from the mouths of my little ones. Then a spontaneous, "Pareces Letti de la Fea Bella"- Translated "You look like Letti the ugly girl from the soap opera I watch with my mom". (Think- "Ugly Betty", but in Spanish) To which I responded with a heap of laughter (in unison with my children who are also laughing at me). Now, you may be wondering what would warent such a seemingly rude comment. There are a few rare days during the school year when I wear glasses to school. All glass-wearing days are for one reason: I have conjunctivitis. I know, I know... why would I go to school with pink eye??
I justify my going by telling myself the kids will be better off by my being there than me staying home with pink eye.
Of course, the teacher in me kicked in and I spoke with Paloma about why we woudn't tell someone they look like Ugly Betty.

2. After school I rushed to my hair appointment where my wonderfully gay hairstylest did his hair styling magic (while slipping an awesome hair product in my purse- free of charge!). From Shawn I hit the new super sized Victoria Secret and then to purchase a black silk top from Express. Feeling all to much like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde (I just watched the movie for the first time), I drove on to my favorite nail salon. Unlike Elle, I wasn't getting my nails done for emotional therapy from my "Ugly Bettiness" but I was on a mission to wax my all too hairy brow. Little did I know the pressure I was about to face in the little enclosed waxing room. As my cute Asian waxer did her eyebrow waxing magic I heard the words I was dreading..."You want wax lip?"
It seemed like the record stopped on the record player (you know the sound). I could feel my heart (thump, thump). And then the questions in my head, "What if my lip hair grows back like never before?", "What if I wax my lip only to find that I have committed myself to a lifetime of necessary monthly lip hair removal?", "How much does this cost?"- that question I asked outloud.."$6, " she replies. Then I am doing the math... $6 a month for the rest of my life. Amidst the questions and money figurings my waxing lady says, "You have lot of hair, need wax." To which another stream of questions ensue, "What if this is a waxing conspiracy?"... (once I wax she knows she has me as a lifetime customer), "What if I am prey to one more superficial beauty trap?". In that instant my future flashed before me and I saw myself in twenty years (a) with a long jean skirt and no makeup with a really hairy lip -and then- (b) an older, more sophisticated me, with a sexy bare lip.
In that instant it was clear the decision I was to make. And whether it was a life-long decision I am glad I made it: WAX THE LIP!
"Ok" I squirmed as the beads of water ran down my eyes as she ripped and pried. It wasn't that I was crying from my long over-due lip waxing. It was that dang conjunctivitis flaring up from the eyebrow waxing. My lady makes sure to show me how much hair she has pulled from my upper lip, "Long hairs, see how many?" she says. I wondered what everyone in the nail/pedicure area thought as I emerged from my waxing quarters: red brow, red puffy eyebrows, red wattery eyes, red puffy upper lip.... I could feel the stares and the wonder ("Was she crying over a waxing?" they must have thought- "yikes, she is ugly") And yes, I could definitely agree with their thoughts. I was pretty stinkin' scary- looking in that moment.
But my decision to wax was confirmed when I returned home (still red and freaky looking) to my husband going "Oh, yeah. That looks good." (Talking about my lip waxing- not my new hair cut, not my eyebrows- MY LIP). OK, I definitely made the right decision.
The next major lip hair- removing decision will probably involve a few more dollars and a bit more pain, but I can already see myself getting those bad boys removed from a lazer procedure....
I will keep you posted....

For now, I am getting used to this bareness. It feels really odd, like I should spread lipstick or chapstick over my entire upper lip area up to my nose. It also feels like I've lost the boundary on my face- the boundary between lip and nose. I'm a little nervous about the ensuing weeks... how many hairs are going to pop up? What texture of hairs will pop up? Will I be constantly plucking until I can't stand it anymore and have to return for my next waxing???

I will try to let the questions and the anxiety go... and just enjoy this newness. I am now just one more (almost) 27 year old who is no longer an upper lip wax virgin.
Ta ta for now readers...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Eating: Wasabi peas
Drinking: Freshly chilled Pinot Grigio
Reading: Brothers of Karamazov
Wanting: Time with hubby
Greatful for:My student teacher
Suffering From: An acute pain in my foot from running 12 miles yesterday
Looking forward to: February....
Into:Strategies for teaching children with Autism, FOOD (cooking), reconnecting with friends, chilling out, egg tacos & espresso ground coffee, looking everything up on-line
Favorite show to watch: Contender series downloaded onto our computer
Digging: Luke Wood, Phil Wickham, & Jason Morant i tunes

Family and Friends

Angie and the girls

                                                                       Baby Von G

Renee and her new Mexico Crèche set 

                                  Bro and Sis

Cousin Time

2008 So Far, So Good

Erich and I brought in the new year with a sort of progressive dinner held in our house. We moved from room to room with food and drinks to match each rooms mood. Olive bruschetta stuffed phillo and martinis, pozole and sangria, tamales and mojitos, fondue and wine (thanks Kelley!!!), eggnog and stuffed dates. Our night was a great last-minute success. Happy New Year to all.
I am way behind on my thank-you's from graduation and Christmas gifts. I feel as if my super-productive days are mellowing down to regaining a more "normal life". Erich has taken over the youth group at our church for a second time. He is very excited and passionate about working with youth. Tomorrow my spring student teacher arrives. There is much to be greatful for!!

No leftovers at the wine and foundue station

Annie over some yummy Pozole
                                                                                                           Cute John and Janet