Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Joy comes in the mañana

A long overdue post...
yes, I have been over my blues since I wrote my last entry (not to say I havn't had my waves of emotion... but who hasn't?)
Here are a couple of pics from my super girl time with my madre y hermana en san antonio.
Our weekend was full with the works: makeovers at bare escentials, shopping at la cantera, lots of fattening delicious food, and disney movie watching (Cleveland style).
Here's one of Lisa getting her first eyebrow waxing...


Anonymous said...

Very good pictures of two sisters! Congratulations on the great news!
We are very happy for you both!
keep us post!

Anonymous said...

that seriously was so much fun! :D

Mama said...

This is toooooooooo cute!! My girls look great. Wow was that the pic I took? Shock! lol. That was sooooooooooooo much fun. Now the bills have arrived.

Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

remind me to tell you about my new waxing tip. . . I'll post about it soon.