Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just can't contain it anymore!!!!

Alas, what I have been avoiding and trying to superficially cover-up by lesser stories...
Erich and I are pregnant!!!!- I mean it was a joint effort. I, however am the bearer of nausea, an ever growing pudge, moodiness, and a growing sense of unrealistic perfectionism!! This is not to complain about my current state, but to give in the truest sense what changes I am undergoing. For those of you madres out there that have experienced your own seasons of pregnancy, I'm sure you can relate. It's been blissful sharing news and being greeted with smiles and assurances of "you will be a great mama"....
For now, I am not so focused on the being a great mama part as I am what I can eat this very moment that will soothe the nausea, not cause me to instantly put on another 5 pounds, and hold me over for more than one hour! : )
It's funny, two weeks ago it was spinach salad. It was all I could do to get enough of that green stuff in me. I spent last Sunday in a grand effort to have my most favorite Spinach salad prepped and ready to be enjoyed the entire week at school, (homemade catalina dressing, hardboiled eggs, fresh cooked bacon, sprouts, and mandarin oranges aglow) only to be met with a growing nasua and complete aversion for spinach come Monday morning. Just the thought of it now makes my stomach churn.....
Ah friends, I want to embrace each day of this growing life within me. I believe the baby is at 8 weeks and growing, the size of a lima bean (yuk!) and all the other stuff making my little nesting spot the size of a grapefruit. At about 6:00 pm in the evening, you would think I have a small child inside me (the size of a melon!). Bloating and gas are my two friends that visit me every night and Erich is reaping all the benefits (poor guy!) I am greatful that the worst of my symptoms don't normally kick in until about 4:30, 5:00 pm (just in time for Erich to experience the best of me!), so that I am able to teach and maintain my quite stressful job during the day.
With all of this said, I am constantly praying for peace, grace, rest, and faith for the good things to come (as I know that there are many great and glorious moments ahead). I have yet to visit the doctor because she is booked until May 1st. I will keep you all informed of the ever-changing symptoms and signs of growing life.
Favorite foods this week:
1. Pickles (I know, I know such the traditional preggo food- but I can't get enough of the salty vinegary snacks!)
2. Trader Joe's bean dip (need I say more about gas and bloating at night?)
3. Hard boiled eggs (with a bite of pickle in between each egg bite)
4. cheese
5. Fried Food!!! (ahhh, help me- I crave this bad-for-you stuff! Especially fries)
6. Spagetti sauce (I was eating it cold out of the jar yesterday)
7. Orange juice
8. Fruit
9. candied ginger (well, I don't actually crave this, but I have been eating it to keep the nausea at bay)
10. candy, sweet stuff, vanilla ice cream (I'm going to the grocery store NOW to buy some!)


erich said...

I'm really excited to be able to start celebrating mother's day and father's day. Babe, we just gained two more holidays. I hope that gives you consolation that rest is right around the corner!

Tyler K. Cleveland said...

Hey Laurie! I have been so busy lately and just finished with Drumline last night at state competition (we placed 2nd by one pt!) Anyway, I finally have the chance to express my happiness for you and Erich (and the baby!). I cannot believe my sister is going to be a mom! :0 I was in the Atlanta airport when mom called to ask me, "guess what?" I knew immediately what it was, saying "no way...Laurie is going to have a kid?" hahaha. I knew I would be an uncle one day, just sooner than I expected! I hope you stay committed to the healthy habits that keep you feeling happy and like yourself, knowing that numbers 1 through 10 will give your growing baby the best nourishment possible :) (I don't know anything about preggo cravings but you get what I mean) Anyway, best wishes to you and Erich during these coming months and we will be praying for your "peace, grace, rest, and faith for the good things to come." I will stay in touch, Love ya.

P.S. One more thing on this "comment"/post - I thought to myself, how cool would it be to take your baby/maternity pictures!? Just an idea for you to consider...:)

Laurie said...

Yes, Yes, Yes I want you to take pictures Tyler! : )
Thanks for the sweet note!

Anonymous said...

erich's comment is a bit too unrealistic. There will NOT be rest for a long while. Enjoy the time before the baby for some good rest.

Amy said...

Yay! So Happy! I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! I can't believe I read this on your blog, sorry we've been so out of touch. Miss you guys so much.

We're praying for this pregnancy!!

lots of love

Chong-Ling said...

We are very happy for you both.
Another October baby in the family. Great!!!!!!
You both are well ready for being great parents.
Try not to get to the point that you feel hungry. Hope that help.