Friday, April 18, 2008

Mucho, Mucho, Mucho Mejor

Thanks everyone out there for your love and support through the icky days of ugh...
Mama, thanks so much for the visit and the trip to Motherhood for some great maternity wear!!! Today I wore my first maternity blouse (not necessarily b/c I needed to, but because it was the color I needed and it looked so comfortable).
FYI world and for my future reference...
Things that brought me ease and comfort the past week:
1. candied ginger
2. preggy pops
3. chamomile tea mixed with a drop of peppermint oil
4. Long walks outside
5. Working to stay distracted
6. Crackers by the bedside (old faithful)

1. Lying on my left side
2. Eating only plain food- no flavor, no spice
3. Repeating all of the Nausea steps

The Runs (hey, there is a lot out there on the internet about pregnant women and the runs..... and in case you want my suggestions...)
1. B.R.A.T. DIET!!! (need I say more) Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast (repeat this cycle until you can't go to the bathroom)
2. Fenugreek tablets (a natural remedy) 2x a day when needed
3. Force-drink water
4. Have movies handy so you don't have to go anywhere, but stay in the comfort of your home and close proximity to your own toilet

I am so glad to reflect on these tips as already a thing of the past. I know that I may still have some days in the near future in which I will need to reflect back on my remedies, but for now I am gloating in the fact that I just ate a bowl of ice cream after eating a hamburger and fries for lunch! I am trying to stick with chicken and salad in the evening, as I have most bloating and heartburn in the evening. What I find funny is my complete aversion to my normally wildly epicurean cravings.... no more thai (ugh), no more spice (just not worth it), and no more other weird concoctions I used to make on a regular basis. For now, it is more of a good 'ol American diet: hamburgers, spagetti, salad, roasted chicken, brisket, vanilla ice cream, and fruity pebbles cereal. I guess this is a part of that whole not eating what you used to crave pre-pregnancy.

Highlights of my week, amidst the ugh:
1. mama's visit
2. tia's first baby gift
3. working with my hubby at Carver
4. seeing Bradley before his gig
5. being able to clean my house

Tomorrow it's our debut on the Spanish radio station. Carver teachers work their best to promote the upcoming school year registration while singing songs and talking nonsense...
It's always akwardly fun!


Mama said...

great Laurie! Glad to hear that you are on the upswing. Glad that I was able to come even if it were for such a short time and you were a bit puny but a good sport in spite of it all. Don't overdo this weekend and continue to do as you are doing.

Go Spurs GO!!!! First round of playoffs with fierce Phoenix Suns who know us well. We shall see.

Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are finding ways to sooth your pregnancy woes.

let's talk soon! what's a good time to call?

lots of love!