Saturday, February 05, 2005

Laurie's favorite month

This is the month of love, pink, and celebrating my coming into the world. I think it's an exciting day anyhow... This 24th birthday I was definitely in the relaxed, keep things on the downlow mood. We spent the evening in one of our favorite nooks in downtown Bryan, Square 1. I remember the first time Erich and I went there with a little vased flower on our table, a karafe of wine on the table... I couldn't tell if I was tipsy with love or from being induced with wine. Love is such a sweet thing- well it's really so much more than a sweet thing. Love is awesome, powerful, reviving, inspiring, dynamic, and juicy. That last descripter is for those of you that have known me for a while... I'm sure you understand. Here are some things that I really like that come in Pink, Red, and White...
Jesus love (although, if we are speaking of colors, I see His love in many more shades than just red, but it is a dominant color)
the contrasting color in my kitchen
Ruby's (a girl in my class) red boots

anything... as long as it is the right shade with the right thing

cream for my coffee
Blue bell ice cream
I don't own very much white.... I teach Pre-K