Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer come and going going gone...

a little tea party for me

Sea World

I began by returning to my school and teaching summer school for the month of June. Erich was inundated with studies and summer classes with his cohort. We enjoyed thursday evenings at zapatos with his classmates and monday evenings on the porch of ozona grill. June flew by. We had no shortage of activity between weekend visits with family and friends, baby shower hosting, and beginning our new business...
Our new business... RELIV. We are pretty excited about our new nutrition products that have already done great things for us and even more excited to share them with others. Don't worry- we won't become networking freaks... but we will share when propted by any complaints of aches, pains, surgerys, heart attacks, and the like.
I have been enjoying grad school in the two classes I have this month-Special Education and the family and neurological/genetic disorders in children. Special education is really a fascinating field with fascinating people. I am excited to see where it all will lead. Between classes we have been on the go almost every single weekend. We began with our trip to Galveston at our Galveston resort (almost an oxymoron)- but it was really great! After Galveston we had fun with friends in New Braunsfels. This coming weekend we look forward to our trip to St.Louis.
Erich is eager to fix up his classroom (he says he needs my help). Meanwhile... he parouses the book stores and comes home with stacks of purchased books (..."$500 worth of books for only $40".... sounds like me!). We are excited for his new career in teaching and so blessed that he has such a wonderful place to start out in.
Hopefully I will get back in the groove of posting (although I think Robyn is our only fan : )... but that is inspiration enough for now. I will try to get my necklaces posted soon.

Erich by the Comal

Lisa's Graduation