Saturday, April 12, 2008

All's well until Friday

This week was a break from the constant nausea. Erich and I formed a great new physical activity together: walking the edge of our local lake Bryan. The fresh air has done wonders for me and the weather is just glorious right now. With more organization and more energy we avoided eating out this week and I felt relieved to be able to cook.
Friday morning I awoke with terrible nausea and stomach pain. I threw up and the problems have not yet subsided. I have more of a feeling I have a stomach bug, than the normal pregnancy nausea. There are lots of stomach viruses going around my school and I just can't keep much of anything in me. So... for now I am sticking to saltines and bananas....
I can't wait for this to pass!! 
In two weeks Erich and I will have our first appointment (finally!) I am really so eager to find out all that we are able to find out. Erich has the youth boy's campout next weekend and my mama comes to visit me this Monday and Tuesday. I am hoping for good health and less volatility of emotions, energy, and nausea. 
So far I have received comments and opinions from both sides of the spectrum...
"You are going to just have a little ball that is going to pooch out, you are so small."
and the other (and unfortunately more frequently received as of late)
"Wow, you are only____ weeks? You are already showing so much. You are going to get so big!"

I am feeling rather on the too-big side, yet not to the point where I am going to eat less or do something crazy like that! I guess I will figure it out as time goes on...
I can't fit into my size 4 and 5's any more-that's for sure! : ( 
I have been accomodating my pudge with all the stretchy material I have (which is very limited in selection). Gauchos have been a life-saver and I am greatful for the warmer weather so I can wear skirts. I have a feeling I will be in my maternity wear before too long!!!


Chong-Ling said...

Sorry to har you don't feel well. there are stomach flu around. Make sure you drink.
Eat well (you are eating for two), walking is great excercise. Happy shopping for maternity clothing!

Anonymous said...

yucky!! i'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so sick. I hope that passes soon!! Usually that goes away by week 14 or 15.

Hey, if you want to borrow some of my maternity clothes let me know. I have a bunch I could lend you.


Laurie said...

how generous of you Robyn!
Thank you so much, I would love to borrow some of your maternity clothes. I am already wanting to wear some (for comfort sake!). I just went to the Motherhood store with my mama (great selection), but I don't think I could have too many maternity clothing options. : )

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I kept the last email you sent me and every couple of months I read your blog! I just want to let you know that I am so happy for you and your husband! What a wonderful blessing! This must be such an exciting time for the both of you! We are hoping to start trying to get pregnant by this Christmas! Wish us luck! And good luck with your pregnancy! I hope you get to feeling better!
- Jacqui Valdez-Bueche