Sunday, February 10, 2008

On a brighter note

(for some reason I can't rotate this picture sent to me from my teacher friend Nancy)
*Here's Erich helping one of my students perform "Tu Ti Ta"... pulgares arriba (Thumbs up)
1. Erich substitues for me when I am sick!
2. Erich plans a surprise dinner for me (it had to be cancelled on account of my sickness, but the thought was super)
3. I receive wonderful birthday love, presents, and calls
4. I still look ok in the running pants I have been wearing the past 4 days
5. I managed to make tortilla soup in under 5 minutes in my pressure cooker this evening using the pressure cooker cookbook my hubby purchased me (and eat it without stomach problems)
6. I got to listen to wonderful music on my drive back to Bryan thanks to my madre
7. My medi-scale is being assembled as I type....
8. I get to sleep in my bed tonight
9. I get tomorrow off (because I'm still sick...)
10. I will finally finish my 40 report cards tomorrow (while sick in bed)

Ok, so number 9 & 10 are a bit cynical, but I am greatful for them both.
Oh, one more great thing! I just weighed myself on the new medi scale and I weigh less than I thought (probably due to the sickness of course, but still!)


Tyler said...

Hey sis, it's Tyler here just saying hey and letting you know that I have a blog now to post photos and stuff. I've enjoyed reading your blog, it's a good way to stay informed and know how ur doing lately.

Anonymous said...

when was your birthday? happy birthday!! xo