Sunday, January 13, 2008


Eating: Wasabi peas
Drinking: Freshly chilled Pinot Grigio
Reading: Brothers of Karamazov
Wanting: Time with hubby
Greatful for:My student teacher
Suffering From: An acute pain in my foot from running 12 miles yesterday
Looking forward to: February....
Into:Strategies for teaching children with Autism, FOOD (cooking), reconnecting with friends, chilling out, egg tacos & espresso ground coffee, looking everything up on-line
Favorite show to watch: Contender series downloaded onto our computer
Digging: Luke Wood, Phil Wickham, & Jason Morant i tunes


Anonymous said...

cute, thanks for the update! : )

lmr said...


You look exactly the same as ever. I can also tell that food is still very important to you! Well, so much for enlightened comments. But I'm reading. Just know that. Our blogs are so different, aren't they? Ha. It's funny.

erich said...

(Laurie Says)
Well, it is funny- but true to who we are. You, my friend Lisa are the writer and I... I guess I am a little obsessed with food! : )
This blog is a bit lighthearted and definitely "family friendly" I guess you could say.