Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 So Far, So Good

Erich and I brought in the new year with a sort of progressive dinner held in our house. We moved from room to room with food and drinks to match each rooms mood. Olive bruschetta stuffed phillo and martinis, pozole and sangria, tamales and mojitos, fondue and wine (thanks Kelley!!!), eggnog and stuffed dates. Our night was a great last-minute success. Happy New Year to all.
I am way behind on my thank-you's from graduation and Christmas gifts. I feel as if my super-productive days are mellowing down to regaining a more "normal life". Erich has taken over the youth group at our church for a second time. He is very excited and passionate about working with youth. Tomorrow my spring student teacher arrives. There is much to be greatful for!!

No leftovers at the wine and foundue station

Annie over some yummy Pozole
                                                                                                           Cute John and Janet

1 comment:

Janet said...

I see from your text that our faces made the blog! But, alas, I see no picture. :(
It's okay. Annie's cute.
And I am the one who ate all the fondue, by the way. Mmmmm...