Friday, February 24, 2006


Aida! what a passion filled musical by Disney. Our cute local theatre put on their rendition of this highly creative, beautiful musical. It was a much needed change in pace from the rush rush of life these days. My week has consisted of so many things....
1. I am apart of a 3 year grant that is launching it's pilot year activities this week. We had training until 6 two nights this week.
2. Wednesday I decided to take off because I was getting the urge to return to grad school!!! So... what do I do? I go to Texas A&M, visit the Special Ed department, get my application, decide I do want to apply for this fabulous scholarship that is available, realize I will be taking the GRE in a few days, and begin studying the rest of the evening for the GRE. Thursday I needed another day off from my day off.
3. Lisa, my sister came in town Thursday. I introduced her to a popular food item here- chicken wings. She didn't understand why someone would want to eat those little things when there was more mean on say... a drumstick. Go figure?
4. Friday we hit the theatre and saw Aida. The girls sitting next to me were obsessed with Rhadames... (who happened to be my sisters old boyfriend in real life). It was hilarious. Unfortanetly, theatre is like an addictive drug. Now I want to audition for the next show Cats... Erich just shakes his head as I prance around the living room singing "Jellico cats"!
5. Tomorrow I will fill out my application, continue my studies in GRE land, and hope for the best....
i'm living la vida loca ahora....
However, amidst the business I am reminded of one simple truth. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THIS THINGS WILL BE ADDED ONTO YOU. Whatever all these things are that He has for me- and I would really rather do all the things He has planned for me, not just the things I think up.

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