Saturday, September 30, 2006

San Antonio

I came home this weekend to visit the family. It is strange to stay in Lisa's room and have her off in Costa Rica. I am so glad she is there, having a great time. I just miss her. This has been a great weekend so far. I have tried to put in a little bit of everything... good food, good family time, business time, creative bead time, old friend visiting time, and even a little bit of shopping. Chachos is my all time favorite (fast-food) Mexican resturaunt in San Antonio. It is a must-stop whenever I am home. They have amazingly delicious cheap Tex-Mex. Their margaritas are great and the atmosphere is the essense of San Antonio- lively, friendly, fattening, lots of great mexicans, spanish everywhere, lots of color, cheap, 24 hours going strong, and quick for the city folk. It makes me so happy whenever we go to Chachos... The only downer is the layer of grease that sort of permeates everything. Because the resturaunt is open 24/7 they never quite make it around to getting that deep-cleaning all Mexican food resturaunts need. Enough with Chachos...
We saw Tyler "Mr Drum Captain" play during the half time at the football game. They had a great show themed "rainforest"- of course, we had to think of Lisa and her Costa Rican rainforest adventures.
It is nice to come home and get taken out a few times and spoiled a little by mom and dad. I really love San Antonio.

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