Monday, December 18, 2006

Ode to Christmas

Tis a wonderful season! I am loving everything about Christmas this year. Most of all I am loving the chance to relax (just a bit). Grad classes are on hold, school is out, and I have very little responsibilities right now. Today I purchased most everyone's Christmas... that was fun! Tomorrow I will watch some of my favorite Christmas classics and wrap/make presents. I think having worked so hard this semester has helped me appreciate that much more the bliss of having Christmas vacation. Erich will work half the day tomorrow and then we can be in bliss together.
This past weekend was a fun-filled time with friends in Austin. We have friends that are going to Calcutta to raise awareness in the US of human trafficking that is taking place all around the world. Erich and I are also wanting to join in their mission of bringing awareness to those around us. After delicious Indian food we had an intense time of catching a glimpse of the tragedy of what is happening worldwide to many women. From there we stayed with our friends Ben and Robyn (the only people that will probably read this blog-hehe) and had a wonderful time with them. It is always a wonderful time in Austin. I was able to do some bead shopping, get reinspired, and eat at one of my favorite places (Magnolia Cafe).

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