Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today is jueves (not hueves)

(this is a blurry car... this is used as a part of my picture communication system with my students with special needs... pretend its on a highway)

Blessed bliss in between bites of herbed basmati rice and organic beer to the tunes of waterdeep and words of rilke....
I dance in the kitchen (no one is here) and do some poses in front of the mirror (momentary self-portriats since I can't paint like Frida). I love the sunset shining on one piece of the sea green wall to the smell of cilantro-sage incense (or whatever combo it is...). Yesterday was postmodern curriculum, the day before that transitions from high school on and in between those days chasing children with autism who threaten to escape the school building. Such is life, now in the 5-9:30 days... a runner, a teacher, a student, a creative being, a singer, and mover, a reader, a thinker, a cleaner, a cooker, a 5 minute morning reflector, a coffee drinker, a friend, a lover, a businesswoman, and homemade salad dressing maker.... need I say more?
Life has been pretty great- it's not every season in life one is able to experience such a mosaic of facets in a day.... I really cherish the days (or at least realize the potency in the moments of pause that occur not too often). I don't feel mechanical in my daily coming and goings (thank God!) but rather a bit like a complicated intersection of multiple highways... each a faculty for fast moving vehicles and useful for acheiving a destination, yet overlapping at times, and a bit stressful at the transitions... There is thrill and adventure and new thoughts with each crossover, yet the ability to absorb conversations from the passerbyers is quite difficult....Thankfully, I am surrounded by pleasant people on my left and on my right, I have the hope and joy before me, and confirmation of destination behind me.

One more food for thought:
I have discovered the delight of feta. Feta makes everything better. Although Erich may argue cheddar, I say feta.


Anonymous said...

such proufoundly beautiful thoughts. I love how you describe yourself: "a five minute morning reflector, a coffee drinker, etc. . ." What a blessed time of life to be so many wonderful things to so many people! Miss you much!

Anonymous said...

feta IS betta than chedda.