Sunday, October 21, 2007


What a great beginning to one of my favorite seasons! Kellie came into town. We had not seen each other in 7 years!! We had so much fun at the Big State Festival listening to Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett (amongst some other great bands). Yesterday I finished a 50 page project to complete a 3 hour course that has been hanging over me for the past 10 months. Erich preached today and he did a super job. I am about to make batches of homeade salsa and caldo de res...
And on top of all these wonderful things, Erich and I are going to Chicago together this weekend on a business trip.
The weather has been beautiful. Perhaps not the typical orange-leaved fall, but crisp and sunny with just enough cool to make you want to make soup. Nancy, my super running buddy and I are about to do our 8 mile run. We are preparing for a 1/2 marathon in Austin. I just love running, especially in the morning with the (still) starry night sky and the crisp fog from my breath with good music flowing in between my head. Lately its running to Misty Edwards.

A bummer... my camera is broken and I cannot take any creatively inspired pictures. I hope to get a new one for Christmas....

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Anonymous said...

how exciting! what half marathon would that be? I hope I get to see you cross the finish line! Noah, Phin, Ben and I can cheer you on!

Also, sorry we've been out of touch! This fall has been super busy! And it seems like one of my kids is sick every week! YikeS!

miss you much!