Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pics of the guess what!?

Pic #1- Baby full body with umbilical chord showing
Pic #2- Baby in teddy bear form with heart beat
Pic #3- Baby waving with it's little fingers. "Hi Baby"
Ok, so the quality is pretty hard to distinguish, but you get the idea!!!!!!! Yeah! Mi bebé


Anonymous said...

look at that little lime! :D

Chong-Ling said...

Amazing! Beautiful little one!

Anonymous said...

hi baby!! i like the waving one. such a cutie, i can tell already!

are you going to find out the sex?

Laurie said...

yes! i can't wait to know what it is!

Amy Strecker said...

Oh so exciting! Can't wait to see you all at the reunion!

jillian said...

it looks like you!!! :) i bet its a girl. congrats again and again!!! xoxo