Thursday, July 03, 2008

'da bump

Alas, I post a picture of the ever-growing baby bump. This is me sporting some fabulous hand-me-down jeans, my neutral bella band and a non-maternity top. I am generally sticking to pure maternity clothing these days. I do use the bella band on occasion with some clothes I have been given that are a size bigger than my original size. These outfits are good for when your are feeling like your tummy is all too big and you need a little boost of feelin' good in your prego body. Life as a prenant mama is great thus far. I can't complain. I just finished (thank God!!!!!!!!) my last day of summer school with the most difficult bunch of children I have ever taught. I was very pleased with their impressive gains and used this as consolation (along with the great extra money I made) for all of my hard work. For the rest of the summer I plan to continue with our new wonderful tradition of floating in our above ground pool, while pleasure reading, and eating iced down cherries. This is the good life, pregnant style. I would recommend all husbands investing in a large floaty device with cool water and easy access for their in-the-summer pregnant wives. 

Back to my changing body:
1. I am most comfortable sleeping with a ginormous body pillow at night (it's like adding another person in the bed)
2. I gain about 5 pounds in water weight and bloat by the end of each day and then lose it by the morning.
3. I usually change outfits in the middle of the day to accommodate the water retention and bloat.
4. I usually receive more extreme reactions to my bump 
"I couldn't even tell you were pregnant" and then
"wow, you are going to be really big!"
Of course, I prefer the in-between of "how cute, when are you due?" Many people's responses are dependent on the time of the day in which they are exposed to the bump. Either way, I guess I don't really mind the attention : )
5. I am currently at 5 months!!!!!!!!! 21 weeks and feeling great! This is the most important factor and the one for which I am most greatful.  I will take a large bump any day if it means our little baby is healthy and it is an added blessing to feel well myself.

**For those of you who frequently blog and check up on me regularly (I love you dearly) I am hoping to be more consistent in my blogging in the upcoming months. I was a little reticent to post pics b/c I have people that had not seen me pregnant yet, and I can't help but love the shock factor.


coowen said...

You are adorable!!! Also, I think I might be coming in town next weekend for a baby shower--maybe we can meet up!

Chong-Ling said...

You look wonderful!!!
Love ya!

Laurie said...

i would love to see you!!! we are hoping to be in austin until sat. so give me a call.

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog and glad to see you are posting more! I'll be checking again. it was so great seeing you and you look awesome preggers!