Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Notes from the not-so-good-blogger

These days.... what can I say about these busy days? I know, they are only going to get busier!
There has been massive unfolding in our life as of late. Erich found out on his birthday his acceptance as pre-k teacher at Milam Elementary. We are so greatful! It was perfect timing. Erich finished the work on our bathrooms, and he hasn't  stopped since. 
My position has changed this year as I am working as a special educator for my bilingual pre-k kiddos. Last year I worked a dual role- bilingual general and sped teacher. Thank God for the change! I have 5 kids, compared with 40 from last year. This new position actually means less paper work and  less pressure, which is what I wanted for a year when we will bring our little girl into the world. All of the students I have this year were with me last year. They have quickly learned their new routine and I can't complain at all about my great school situation. Even though toilet training and diaper changing are both a big part of my day, we have this amazing invention called "steps up to the changing table". This alleviates all picking up and heavy lifting. My children have quickly mastered the art of getting themselves up and down the steps and I havn't had to deal with any big melt downs.  
Erich is really enjoying his classroom full (22! kids from 7:30-1:45pm). He has a new t.a., so they are learning together. I would like to think of myself as his best mentor (I think he would agree) and he is very open to any and all suggestions (which I have been heavily giving). He is a quick learner and his kids adore him (I can tell by the way he describes their affection and excitement). I am so very proud of him!!!! It is crazy that we are doing such similar jobs, but we enjoy the shared understanding of the 4/5 year old psyche. 
Updates on the belly and baby:
I feel Eva kick all the time! Soft kicks, roll overs, swim kicks, downward kicks, side kicks.
With the exception of one very restless night this past weekend, I have been sleeping very well for the most part. I am so greatful for my body pillow, biopedic memory foam mattress topper, and a gracious husband who doesn't say anything when I toss and turn throughout the night and get out of bed for potty pressure relief. 
Work has been very manageable and I have yet to take a nap after a full day's work. The weekends are bliss and so much the sweeter after a weekful of work. As far as eating goes....
 I have found new ways to pack in the healthy fats so that I don't have to eat as many meals throughout the day. My new favorite breakfast would be either an "egg in the basket" or a fresh fruit smoothie with a Tb of flaxseed oil. For lunch I have at least a Tb of almond butter with carrots and tomato soup. For dinner it varies. I am feeling rather large, especially at night or when I am trying to roll myself out of bed! But... I just can't make it without those extra calories. I am at least trying to be healthy about my consumption. I hope the rest of the weight I put on is "pure baby"! 

These upcoming weekends are so very exciting with lots of showers!!! These are like back to back birthday parties!!! I love opening presents and am so glad I get to do it for my little one. I guess Eva is hearing 1/2 Spanish 1/2 English throughout the day. She may come out bilingual... but no pressure on my little one : )
I know so many people say "enjoy every moment of being pregnant..." etc etc. I hope that I am, but I am looking at non-pregnant "normal sized people" and looking forward to having a body that doesn't have a basketball sized uterus attached to it. Is that so wrong? It's hard to believe I am only going to get bigger!!! before I get smaller. It is (of course) so very worth it, but it is a definite new experience that brings with it some roller-coaster hormones at times.
This is very ramblish... but I just want to capture a bit of the essence as of late. Things are busy, but great. We have so much to be greatful for and to look forward to. Now... if we could start on Eva's room.....
Here are pics of our new baƱos, pics of the beautiful quilts I received from my Grandpa (made by the Grandmas), and the not-yet-done baby room


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear the update! I'm glad your class size will be more manageable. I'm also glad to hear Erich got the position he wanted. That's great news!! Congrats!

We love eggs in a basket too! : ) Ben was just about to make me one.

Where are you registered?

lots of love!

Laurie said...

Thanks Robyn!
We are so grateful as well for the perfect timing of it all.
I am registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Target.
I have most of your maternity clothing already in a pile..... too small! : ) Thank you so much for the loan- they have been a great help to the wardrobe.

Chong-Ling said...

Glad to know you are safe from IKE. And, so glad to hear your updates. Only 5 in your class and you get to practice “change diapers”, that’s good! Make sure Eva is ACTIVE!
Wish you are closer, Eric is having a tough time with his Spanish class.
Can’t wait to see Eva and family pictures!

Anonymous said...

When is your sweet baby girl due? Please blog!!!