Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Alas! Erich is 30

Erich and I spent his birthday camping in Galveston. The day was a mixture of lots of things- stomach aches, salty water, ferry rides, steak dinner by the campfire, ups, downs, and in the end.... peace and quite by the beautiful fire. Someday, I too will know what it feels like to be 30. Camping in Galveston was a different kind of get-a-way. But we were on a budget. Erich just quit work to return and get his masters in Education (the idea was inspired in February) to be a high school english teacher. So... we were adjusting to this new world and Osa was adjusting the acid in her stomach with all the salt water. She really had some interesting blows out the bottom after a few swigs of the good 'ol gulf water. After our camping excursion I prepared for my third year of teaching at Carver and asisted in the training classes we host for new incoming teachers. There is something of a feeling of accomplishment in being in my third year as a teacher. I don't feel the complete oblivion and noviceness of a first year teacher, and the not-so-important sound of being a 2nd year teacher. It feels like I am legit, that I really have proved that I'm serious, I can do it, and that I will be coming back for more.

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