Thursday, September 15, 2005

The youts

It's a wed night habit. Erich is sorta like the preacher and I'm occasionaly the one to fill the worship leader role. Although I must admit I prefer kids... no doubt about that. However, I don't mind spending a little time on the side with the hormonal, crazy, selfish world of teenagerhood. Erich is great with them. I enjoy his preaching and I tend to be the "weird one" around. I've decided that my role is to just be me. I don't know if that is more egocentrical than the average teenager in our youth group- but I feel it's something unique that I have to offer. We don't try to be anything like anyone else. Our mission is not to have a typical youth group with tons of activities. In fact, we don't offer many organized activities, don't do much on the side with the youth, and aren't too involved in the rest of their lives (outside of wed eve). But the heart is there, and that is what counts. They are a super group of kids and oddly enough, most of them are homeschooled. That is another chapter in and of itself....

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