Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A few more....

Osa's first bite of Holloween

Hundred Year Storm live

My Omi Da's kitchen

Youth Group during "Project Light"

With Jack during our production of "Music Man"


robyn said...

Hey Laurie, Who is Omi Da? I love the candles in the bottles that's so cool. Hey guess what? Ben and I are learning Spanish. I can't write it yet, but I'm listening to tapes with Noah and trying to learn and get him used to the sounds. I love the pictures you posted.

Laurie and Erich said...

thanks robyn! omi da is my great aunt that lives on the border of mexico (you can see mexico from her back yard). she is quite the artist- you would probably love her place. well, when you all are a little bit closer we shall visit her. you guys can practice your spanish and we can cross the border into mexico in no time at all...
i love her table too. she also has a bottle tree outside her house... ever seen one of those?
i am so glad to hear you all are practicing a little spanish. it sure is useful in texas to know a little of the basics! keep on learning!
merry christmas and thanks for being my #1 fan of my blog site (you are the only one i know that frequents it thus far...). you are my inspiration for being technologically savy!!!
blessings! ps i love the last few posts on your web site... they are great!!!

a notion said...

nice blog. i may reignite the blog passion i once had now that i see that you guys are in the world of blogging. I am also in the middle of starting our youth group blog and one for the Forum.

ryanvaughn said...

Awwwwwe. I love you Osa. You're sooochagoooodddoggie yessuuuUU Rrrrrr rrr rufff ruff. Good on you Laurie for keeping up with the months of the year. I too am learning that February comes after January. I talked to Erich and we decided this was the best way to keep up. Go forth and blog. Or vlog for that matter.