Friday, December 16, 2005

The here and now

I really, really am enjoying this holiday season. I feel like I'm sucking a little of the marrow of it.... does that sound gross? I am loving the Christmas songs, the lights shimmering on my fiber optic tree, my nativity scenes around my house, the presents I soon will be giving away, Christmas parties, the egg nog, the sangria, the hot cocoa that will soon be made, my bowl of fruit in my kitchen, the cold crisp weather.... Ahh. We celebrated on Monday with the staff at Carver at Wings and More. I was the entertainment and loved playing and singing for my friends at Carver. Erich was my hot date and everyone was more interested in watching his reaction to my being the entertainment than actually watching the entertainment. I guess being married to someone crazy like me is a novel idea, and they are in mysterious awe at the wonderment of how one would react and respond to being the mate of one such as me. They all were sweet to tell me the next day at work that my husband (that they were watching the whole time) just kept smiling at me.... with that glimmer in his eye.... little do they know.....
Tonight I was honored to sing with fellow nunnies from the Sound of Music carols at a Nursing home. Old people are splendid, they are honest, fun, young at heart, and much like a 4-year old, I'm convinced. I've decided if I get too tired of teaching 4 year olds, I could open the most creative, interactive, well kept, good food Nursing Home around. Dave could do the food, I could organize all activities and Erich could do the preaching... or the words of inspiration. Caroling at the Nursing home was a beautiful reminder of the brevity of life, the unimportance of the material, and the richness of life in Jesus.

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robyn said...

Hey Laurie!! I love your blog. I didn't know you guys had one! So cute! I'm glad the play went well!