Saturday, January 28, 2006

Little Perks of teaching Pre-K

What a blustery, busy week! Wednesday we took our annual field trip to the fire station where the kiddos receive their "diplomas" for completing the fire safety training. They really learn what to do in case there is a fire in their house. The highlight of this field trip for me is the opportunity to be elevated in the huge fire truck ladder. On Thursday while in the middle of exploring and enjoying oranges one of my students began to choke and could not breathe! I had to perform the heimlich manouver on her..... Thank God I had just recently been trained in the art of dislodging orange pieces from little kids throats.
Thursday Eve I was invited to the African American Association's annual banquet. It was an honor to be there in the presence of so many beautiful, regal people with dark skin. I especially enjoyed my friends Nadine and Ms. Ellen. Ms. Ellen had us rolling with laughter as she shared her stories of life before the civil rights movement. It was like reading chapters out of Maya Angelou's books.
Friday was our concert- Jose Luis Orozco. For those of you who are not in the know of famous children's performers and those that are famous in the latin world... he is like the Raffi of Spanish speaking children. It was such a great concert! Especially the part when I was called up on stage to dance and sing with Mr. Orozco himself! I can't say that I am stage shy....
All these events culminated Friday evening leaving an exhausted teacher who went to bed at 7pm only to wake up to PINK EYE!

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