Saturday, January 07, 2006

The story on the old Singer

So I just finished making 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies and a big batch of brownies for Mr. Dan Hilliard. Dan Hilliard, Sounds like a cowboy's name... a cowboy who fixes sewing machines! Mr. Hilliard and I met for the first time a week ago. I met him at his huge victorian house and together we fixed my perfect little vintage sewing machine on the bed of his Ford truck. It was some true Texas bonding time. I even pulled out a few 'ol aggie bonding tricks with him.
It all started when I got the urge to have another creative outlet during my free time. I have piles of fabric under my bed, in suitcases in the closets, and a perfectly great machine that just needed a little tinkering. Mr. Hilliard has made my creative clothing one step closer to reality and didn't charge me a dime. After we worked together for an hour or so, I asked him how much it would be. With a whimsical, "happy new year!" I knew he had enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed him. He could't bear to ask for a $ amount. I encouraged him to tell me his favorite kind of baked goods and promised him that he would see me again. With my fixed machine in hand, I smiled and returned joyously home. I am further inspired to get to work with some of the ideas I have been mulling over for the past few months. I am waiting, however for my Swiss miss mother-in-law to teach me the ways of sewing, for I know nothing right now.

Anticipate photos of my home sewn creations to be posted soon....

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wanderboy said...

So when can I expect that new scarf?