Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Erich!

- Men seriously eating their crab legs
We had a last minute get-together with friends, food, and margaritas. Erich has been working on getting ready for the first of the school year and I have been out driving all over town meeting my students and families in their homes. These are always an adventure. Most of my children live in trailer parks, apartments, or little efficiency homes. It always intrigues me to see different lifestyles, but encourages me to know that I have a profession that influences their future. Erich and I both look forward to what looks like one of the busiest, yet most productive and most exciting years of our married life together.

The cute kids had fun too!


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting, you are such a great teacher, I'm sure. I would love for Noah to have you as his teacher!! : )

Laurie and Erich said...

Robyn.... the ever faithful checker-uper!
thanks for your comments.
It was good talking with you on the phone the other day. We need to talk again and set that date! : )

Ben said...

happy birthday!