Thursday, June 07, 2007

A bit of reflection

Although I am not prone to delve into the inner workings of my mind and spirit through the outlet of a blog.... I have not wanted to post due to the superficial (yet fine it its lighthearted manner) nature of this blog. I am not trying to go deep with Livinlove blogspot, it is just that I am not in a very lighthearted season of life right now. I guess tomorrow I may be. This is the paradoxical nature of my emotions (right now). I had to take some corny conflict resolution style quiz in one of my classes yesterday. Would you believe that the conflict style I would most likely gravitate towards (especially in a stressful situation) is avoidance! This somewhat disturbs me, especially since accomodative and compromising were my next runner ups. Oh well, such is the paradoxical nature of me right now.
On a spiritual note, I have been seeking and finding that a wave tossed upon the sands is not the future of my existence... nor the state of my current one (though it sometimes feels as such). Thankfully I have a sure foundation and I am also rooted and grounded in love... so much so, that the winds that come and break up the hard soil around me are serving only to force my roots to grow deeper and stronger (in love). This is reassurance as I am in a windy season of life.

Onto lighthearted adventures.... Erich and I spent the weekend in Houston, crashing his parent's pad as they are gone in Europe. We had a fun-filled time with swimming, good food, and most importantly friends. Sunday we hit our first Dynamo game. This was a great experience, one I would like to have again!(FYI Dynamo is a soccer team)

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coowen said...

Vamos la naranja! As soon as we get some extra tickets--party time!