Monday, July 16, 2007

Beached Whale

Whale Adventure!
Who: Perhaps a grey whale?
What: During our kite flying adventures, we accidentally stumbled upon a beached whale. Pieces of vertebrae and broken off bones were scattered around the area. A huge spinal chord with vertebrae, skin blubber, massive bones, and spilling out guts were all that remained. It was a both fascinating, yet somber find. We pondered the shark activity in the water with a dead whale floating around all during the day….
Where: on the shore of the Puerto Panasco beach off the Sea of Cortes
When: 4th of July, 2007- God Bless America!
Why: Grey whales migrate through the Sea of Cortes en route to… I don’t know (wish I did, but I don’t)

FYI the rotting whale did not stink when you were up close, upwind of the whale was a bit smelly however, and the vertebrae etc smelled like poo.
I found some teeth from the Whale that I will be taking home as a souvenir. To our knowledge no one cleaned up the beached whale and it must have been washed back into the ocean because we found no remains the following day other than one very large bone. Vaya con Dios ballena gris…

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Anonymous said...

yikes! that's a huge bone you're holding.