Monday, July 16, 2007


Thanks to family and friends for a most splendid, much needed vacation. Thanks to Erich's parents for taking such wonderful care of our replacement-child, Osa. Thanks Kelley for not being one of the horror house-sitting stories from the New York Times. Thank you Lord for beautiful places and people that make them come alive. Here are a few highlights...
1. Family time in Puerto
2. Hollywood's Farmers market
3. Pinkberry (I wish I had one now!!!)
4. Mojitos and Oyster Rockefeller to Steve White's blues at Papagayo
5. Local Brewery in San Diego with Kym and Kirk
6. San Diego zoo with the orangatangs
7. Kayaking at La Jolla beach


Anonymous said...

sounds like so much fun. see anyone famous?

Laurie and Erich said...

I don't think I would have realized it if I had, but there were lots of people that acted and looked as if they were famous...??