Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Birthday ERICH!!!

happy birthday to you!
I love you my husband and friend!
I thank the Lord everytime I think of you...
and there are many moments in which I am thinking of you...
Thank you for your warm acceptance of all my quirks (and also your unacceptance of some of my demands)
Thank you for pursuing God and pursuing my heart
Thank you for your openness and honesty
Thank you for your insight and intuition
Thank you for your slow-to-speakedness
Thank you for your love and affection (I can't wait to have a red-headed baby with you!)
Thank you for all the experiences we have had already as lovers and friends and for the many more that are sure to come.
I know we have a hope to cling to that does not disappoint and a love to gravitate towards that never fails and a life source to drink from that never runs dry

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Anonymous said...

awe!! so adorable. I love this picture of ya'll. first weekend in sept is best for us. hope we can see you again soon!