Thursday, August 16, 2007

Winding up

Erich and I have enjoyed such a wonderful summer with travels to the west coast and middle america. One of our most favorite things to do is to visit friends, reconnect, and share inspiration and the stuff of life....
This year brings about transition as I finish my grad program and continue to teach while Erich pursues growth and expansion of our Reliv business. We really enjoy doing business together- helping others and opening the opportunity we've been given to others. Life is so short... what a treasure it is it have something (amongst many, many other things that we want to do together)that we can pursue together. We have a hope and a future that is bright. Thanks to all the friends that have made this summer so very special. We look forward to many more times together in the future as we work towards greater time freedom and growing finances to support more of the amazing life-giving/ social-justice providing works going on...
Check out some of the cute kids we've been blessed to encounter along the way:

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Anonymous said...

what a great summer! miss you guys. maybe we can get together soon? I'll call you.