Friday, November 02, 2007

the most beautiful things in life are free

It's hard to sum the experience of my days at school (these days) in a word.... So much happens! One minute we are rejoicing as an emerging butterfly slides from its cocoon to enter the world with its new form, the next we are releasing butterflies with their expanded wings outside, and then a few moments later I am wrestling with a kid who decides to flip out (for no apparent reason). This last experience leaving me exhausted and confused, I return to pausing in reflection towards the beauty of the day...ah, yes... back to the emerging butterfly...
This was so increadible to witness! My student teacher and I were sitting in our classroom with all the lights off in complete silence during our lunch break. She was eating her ramen noodles and I was busy flipping through paper work and United Way forms when we both turned toward our butterfly sanctuary and simultaneously sensed the emergence of the last butterfly (of the 10 or so that had already emerged). We stared at the process in awe and wonder at the intricacies of creation, the delicacy of life, and the constant fight for survival. The slimy, crinkled up form struggled to cling to its now empty cocoon to find the grasp it needed in order to be able to hang upside down and wait until its wings had dried and were fully open. The process happened in a matter of minutes and we were so greatful for the simple gift of this butterfy's life and our being able to witness the simple miracles that happen every day (that we are usually unaware of).
I find all of these butterfly happenings sweet therapy in my all-too-stressful days. I am so greatful for a Creator that cares and considers the lilies of the fields, the birds of the air, and the emergence of one little butterfly. What an amazing Provider we have; a supplier of more beauty, grace, and peace than we could ever conjure from our own strength. I am greatful for a Creator that is always orchestrating His Creation to worship Him and reminds us of His transformative power in the redemptive life. Thank God that He is the One who makes all things New and Beautiful (in His perfect time).


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