Sunday, November 25, 2007

T-day and the big chill

Here is Erich preparing our new tradition of turkey fry

Here is part of the table decor

Thanksgiving is over. We had a wonderful celebration with family; a feasting of fried turkeys (thanks honey!), delicious stuffing, and all the other traditional yum yums...
It was Lisa's first break from her first semester in college and our first celebration with the recently added Sophie. Erich and I have been feasting on the leftovers since Thursday evening. Thus far I have created a cacophony of creations using turkey: turkey aoli sandwiches, chipotle covered turkey, pasta with bits of leftover veggies... next will be thai turkey. This is one of the perks of hosting a holiday in your home-Leftovers!
Now it's Sunday and we have returned from church (Erich preached) and we are full from our aoli and cheddar turkey sandwiches, contently reading the Sunday NY Times. We are like an old couple. My feet have been freezing for the past 2 hours. It's strange how we women will let our feet suffer for the sake of wearing cute shoes. I wore my silver ballet flats and although I put my down slippers on as soon as I got home and have my feet wrapped in a mohair blanket my feet are still chilled to the bone.
Thank God for this chilly weather, however cold my feet may be. This chill has compelled me to work extra hard on graduate work. I have completed 2 major assignments this weekend with only 1 more project before complete and total completion of my graduate career!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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