Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ta Da!

My sister Lisa and I at an old vintage diner the weekend of my graduation

Here we are... Masters of ED Psych people... getting ready for the graduation

I am done
da, da da da da, da... (That is the graduation song)
"Yes", this is a wonderful feeling (Everyone ask me how it feels to be done)
"What's next?" (the next question people ask from the world of academia)
"When are you going to have babies?" (the question most asked by my pre-school kid's mamas)

What do I want to do??
Have babies!!!
Today during our Carver parties (all the fun times 2!) I got to hold a baby boy in the morning and a baby girl in the afternoon. Carver parties are always interesting. Since many of my families have many babies and more on the way, there are usually a plethora of babies to be coddled and held. In the past, I have not taken much interest in the overabundance of the baby cuteness. This year has been different.... suddenly babies are becoming much cuter, cuddly, cozy, comforting, coo coo....
So... I guess baby fever is just hitting me. It is a low grade fever. I am still much more excited about buying my tight jeans and snake skinned shoes than the thought of maternity clothes. However, I did make a compromise with my last clothing purchase:slim jeans and a "bubble shirt". It is kind of convenient that the loose fitting long shirts are in style again. They are resourceful.

Erich and I look forward to our Christmas time with family and friends in Houston and San Antonio.
Feliz Navidad todos!!!!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Congratulations on graduation!! Also, on plans for baby-making!!


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are here w/ us! :) and i'm glad we could see you walk the stage at your graduation! you worked so hard!

oh and ps... i can't wait to be a tia! ;)