Friday, December 21, 2007

Seasonal Goodness and the Bad Blog Boo

On bad blog boo....
Blog's are deceptive little things... people tend to only post the great things that are happening in life... but amidst the joy and blessings are pains, doubts, and trials.... I will write more about those things later.
I guess when I am in the mood to post on this blog, it is usually the triumphs, the beauty, and the joys in life that I am inspired to write about. All this to say, this blog is a bit unbalanced according to the realities of my life and thoughts, but truly the triumphs outweigh the defeats and the beauty outdoes the ugly... So, beauty and victory will hopefully remain the theme of this blog.

Seasonal goodness....
1.Here are a pile of root veggies my sister and I diced for our root veggie and Mediterranean yogurt sauce dish as a part of the graduation lunch festivities.

2. Fresh flowers from Annie's garden

3. Our neighbor's big (Catfish) catch. (Notice my horror)

4. Leaf throw in our backyard the afternoon we said goodbye to our missionary friends who will return shortly to Nigeria

5. Amigas

6. Osa coming out of the lake after a good swim to a beautiful sunset. Sunsets at the lake are something that I will be enjoying more now that school is out.


Theta Pledge Class 96 said...

beautiful picture of osa. miss you much!! how are you? It's been too long. we miss you guys.

It is true about blogs capturing mostly the good stuff. I used to write some of the heavier stuff, but people tend to think your in a deep depression if the blog isn't always an upper.

love you!! merry merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me...