Monday, May 05, 2008

Let me hear your grito!!!

Feliz 5 de mayo todos!
The past week has been jam packed with exciting things. Erich and I celebrated with our Carver kids to hours of dancing (Asereje, Los Machetes, La Raspa, etc...). Thursday we had a most exciting venture for our first pregnancy appointment. We got our first sonogram and heard the heartbeat! Words can't express how exciting it was to see our little baby kicking and waving it's arms around. The baby looks like a little teddy bear and has a healthy heartbeat. The doctor (whom I really like) says everything looks great so far and we couldn't be happier. I am entering my 12 week and feeling really great these days. 
Erich and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Saturday. We began our day with a little 1 year old fiesta with our baby cousin Sophie, then took a long walk at lake Bryan, and ended our day at a delicious semi-fancy resturaunt where I initially thought I was going to have an over-emotional pregnancy meltdown when I saw the menu, but I fortunately pulled myself together. It is so strange how pre-pregnancy everything on the menu would have sounded amazing to me. Being pregnant does strange things to you though. I thought I was going to throw up reading about wilted spinach and tuna steaks, stuffed salmon, and mint jelly sauce for lamb! Thankfully Erich helped me pick the most tame thing on the menu and it was so very delicious. The evening ended up wonderfully, but I definitely had Erich stressing for a bit there (poor guy).
Today I said goodbye to my third and uniquely splendid student teacher. She made a wonderful vase for me and adorned it with my favorite color of flowers. Our classroom will miss Ms.Singer very much! Thankfully the end of the year is in sight- only 18 more instructional days before my brief weekend break to return for the strenuous month of summer school.


Chong-Ling said...

Happy Anniversary!
Wonderful! We are so happy and excited for you both!

Anonymous said...

happy 5th anniversary! sorry the menu sounded so gross. it actually sounds gross to me the way you described the "wilted spinach and mint jelly" yikes. I don't have to be pregnant to have a melt down at that restaurant.

i'm so excited for you. let's talk soon!